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Cuban Council Field Guide No1


The Story of Cuban Council

In 1911 Sir Bernard Mansfield invented the world's first Inter-Net-O-Scope™.

A year later, Mansfield Electric Locations (MEL) was incorporated to fill the growing demand for these novelty miniature “electrical location illusions” — the precursor to what is now commonly known as a “website”.

MEL, which was later renamed “Cuban Council” due to the founder's love of rum & fine cigars, suffered a devastating blow when Mansfield passed away from the scarlet fever in 1946, and was forced to close its doors shortly thereafter.

Cuban Council, as we know it today, was revived in January 2002 by Michael Buzzard, Michael Schmidt and Toke Nygaard, in the spirit of Sir Mansfield's original guiding principles: Attention to Detail and Pride in the Craft.

As all three founders had served time in the inner machinery of large bureaucracies, the concept behind “The New Cuban Council” is a direct reaction to that; the focus shall never be on exponential growth and factory-style production, but rather on creating highly detailed, bespoke design & development solutions.

Our company philosophy is that “one size doesn't fit all” and that permeates every decision we make — from the people we hire, to the clients we work with and the tools we use in our daily working life.


  • Michael Buzzard

    Michael Buzzard

    Presidente & Code Curator
  • Toke Nygaard

    Toke Nygaard

    Creative Director
  • Michael Schmidt

    Michael Schmidt

    Createch Director
Network of Offices
  • Cuban Council SF
    461 Second Street, Unit #251
    San Francisco, CA 94107
    +1 415-252-0203
  • Cuban Council NY
    88 Rivington Street, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10002
    +1 212-254-CUBA (2822)
  • Send all business inquiries to:

The Early Days of Cuban Council

Toke & Michael hi-five to awesomeness. Check out those great posters & blurry CRTs back there. Who wouldn’t want to hi-five that.
Sometimes we need to take breaks from all our hard work organizing offices, giving talks, practicing ninja skills, and crafting the internet.
This man with the wonderful locks of hair is Per. He’s the sexiest scholar around.
A pool table in the office is both a blessing and a curse. Employee number Juan has yet to overthrow the master, Michael Schmidt.
A rare glimpse of Buzzard dozing off. Even el jefe needs a nap sometimes.