Department of Heritage

IF you can’t make salt out of sugar, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Cuban Council Field Guide No4

Only the finest craftsmen with the finest personalities get hired at Cuban Council — we like to think that we have been very successful at putting together a perfect team of winners. Not losers.

We are all passionate about our work, and while we have eliminated most of the competitive vibe of larger agencies, every Councillor is self-driven by an extreme motivation to learn and excel. We harvest our full potential on Sir Richard Branson Platinum Fridays where we work together across disciplines on intra-company quickfire projects; not unlike a good episode of The Apprentice.

To replicate the culture at Cuban Council you’d need a thousand team-building exercises, like the ones with rope bridges & Trust FALLS.

All employees at Cuban Council are ambidextrous in the sense that they master more than just their main craft. This means there is always someone to fill in, help out and back you up. A wingman, if you will.

Each employee is obligated to own at least five personal items of which no more than three of each shall exist in the land around the sphere (earth) ... it is to be expected that these items are constructed from materials such as penguin leather, ox beard and, quite commonly, peacock feather.

Common interests across coasts and job titles include: melancholic cocktails (featuring a dash of Buzzard’s Bitters™), Sightglass espressos, Tiny’s Sandwiches (especially the Spicy Mayo), dogs (at least 6 in total), most Bravo shows, black turtlenecks, a walk on the beach and you.