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ANTI- Records for Epitaph Records, c.2007

The little label that's chock-full of big names.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

As the daughter label of Epitaph Records, Anti- has focused on working with established artists in order to provide a playground where artists can explore their own ambitions, free from the menacing influence of mainstream production. When it came time to release these musings to the masses, the Anti- website was born.

Cuban Council employed its tried & tested homegrown CMS framework to customize a set of tools around the label and its needs, both then and now. From aggregated tour data to media content customized by the artists themselves and even a retail store locator, the Anti- site provides fans worldwide with comprehensive & easy access to their favorite artists.

The design concept and foundation were concocted with sheer brilliance and whimsical imagination by none other than one Paul Kremer of oilpanllc.com – a longtime friend and hero as well as semi-professional angler.

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