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Aptana Website for Aptana, c.2010

Eclipse transformed into a web developers paradise.

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Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

When Aptana came to us for a refresh to their existing brand and website, we were intrigued. The challenge was to develop a content hierarchy that could easily organize and communicate their broad range of development solutions.

We began the engagement by adhering to a sitemap & content structure similar to what they were currently using - this allowed us to maintain their current SEO positioning and the ease of use that their customers were accustomed to.

The site itself was built via a Ruby-based implementation of statically rendered content which allowed for a minimum of code redundancy and gave them a more simplified approach to their content updates.

Aptana Home
fig. 1Aptana Home
Aptana Studio Features
fig. 2Aptana Studio Features
Aptana Contribute
fig. 3Aptana Contribute
Aptana Support
fig. 4Aptana Support