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Aupeo Site Design for Aupeo, c.2008

Friends and music and toys, hell yeah!

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Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

The concept behind Aupeo is to base music recommendations on your emotional state, which allows to you to finetune a "mood" and thereby queue up a complimentary playlist. And to involve your friends in this endeavor, of course.

For us, the project started with branding which quickly evolved into designing and modeling a mascot that could be personalized to represent an individual's favorite genre. The final animations and 3D renders were done in collaboration with Scott Hubbard of PLASTK - see some of the animation work over at

Once the identity was sorted out, we dove into the website work. From IA through concept and visual design, we made a strong push to steer clear of "web 2.0" shine & bevels to build a longer-lasting, more subtle look.

fig. 1
Character sketches
fig. 2Character sketches
fig. 3
Aupeo Animation
fig. 2Aupeo Animation
fig. 4