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Bad Religion for Epitaph Records, c.2010

Happy Birthday, guys.

Cuban Council Did

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Timed with the release of their 15th studio album and to celebrate the band's 30th year together, Cuban Council worked closely with guitarist Brett Gurewitz to design & implement an experience for fans that allowed them to explore the legacy of the band via an interactive timeline.

Site visitors can peruse the band's rich catalog of media content or delve directly into a single album to learn more about its production or read actual track lyrics – all the while listening to a progressive stream of music from the album itself.

This was an incredibly fun project to work on, being that Brett was so heavily involved in all of the details, from the design through the functional implementation ... not to mention the studio visits with the band (thanks guys) and all the schwag that the label sent for us to use in our "research".

It's truly remarkable how this site allows you to get a glimpse into what this band has been through, and even more so when you consider that they're still together making great music some 30 years later.

Legacy timeline
fig. 1Legacy timeline
Album detail
fig. 5Album detail
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