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Betable for Betable, c.2009

Bet on anything, with anyone.

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How many times have you been in the office, discussing current events with your workmates, when the opportunity to place a friendly wager emerges:

Worker 1: "I bet I can crank out a website faster than you."
Worker 2: "I bet you can't."
Worker 1: "You're on."

Now that the wager has been placed, what do you do? How do you keep track of who's ahead, and when the bet is through, who the winner is? Add in the complexity of other workmates who may wish to get involved, and a simple office bet can turn into a very complex calculation requiring the valuable real estate of countless whiteboards and dry-erase markers.

Enter Betable - the premier betting site for casual bets placed between colleagues, friends, family and other social circles. Betable approached Cuban Council in late 2008 to design a logo and a design for their website. We then worked with them throughout 2009 to further hone and flesh out the look & feel of the site.

Home Page
fig. 1Home Page
Bet page
fig. 3Bet page
Early logo idea – GOLDDDDDD
fig. 8Early logo idea – GOLDDDDDD
“Cuban Council excels at delivering elegant, intuitive design solutions for complex UX and UI problems. I can't praise their work enough. Highly recommended.” - Chris Griffin, Founder and CEO
The Betable Dude
fig. 4The Betable Dude
Logo idea sketching
fig. 6Logo idea sketching
Early identity ideas
fig. 7Early identity ideas