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Bungalux for Bungalux, c.2011

Who Wants a House When You Can Have a Bungalux?

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

When the Founder/CEO of Bungalux came to us with a vision of creating the first brand that encapsulated what’s hot in both home and real estate, we didn’t think it would be too difficult.

But then, two days later, when we received a Fedex of hundreds of magazines from Bungalux, with pictures ranging from Kate Moss to Tahitian cocktails to exotic birdcages, we realized that “home” had a pretty broad meaning.

We worked with Bungalux to create a unique brand identity & package which consisted of sixteen icons. Which means that Bungalux can now stick their stamp on everything that’s cool enough to hold this distinctive brand — from coffee to martinis, lingerie to evening gowns, and NY pied-a-terres to Aspen ski chalets.

Bungalux identity
fig. 1Bungalux identity
fig. 2Jag
fig. 4Icons
fig. 5Homepage
“Working with Cuban Council has been the equivalent of having Richard Meier design a house for me, Tom Ford dress me, and Thomas Keller feed me. Every second of it has been such an extravagant, indulgent treat.” - Alex Brunkhorst
List Detail
fig. 5List Detail