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Chloe & Isabel for Chloe and Isabel, c.2011

Put a bird on it!

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When Chloe and Isabel came to us to help them with their brand and site design, we were super excited. I mean, cute girls, cute jewelry and cute birds? We're so in.

We set off on a hunt for patterns and doodles to match their super style-y jewelry, a collection that would eventually become their tool kit for all things branded, bejeweled and bedazzled. Really though, Chloe and Isabel's jewelry lines are better than anything you'd find on Madison Ave so it was a true challenge to design a logo and website that matched their unique style.

We can't take ALL the credit… But today Chloe and Isabel is one of the hottest fashion startups plastered all over the Techcrunch's and Crunchtech's of the world and we couldn't be happier to have been able to work with them (and of course get dibs on all the hottest jewelry.)

Put a bird on it!

fig. 1Logo
Pattern Board
fig. 2Pattern Board
Jewelry Landing
fig. 3Jewelry Landing
Quick View
fig. 4Quick View
Behind the Scenes Blog
fig. 4Behind the Scenes Blog