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Francis Coppola Winery for Francis Ford Coppola Presents, c.2010

A magic carpet ride.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

In our latest collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola Presents – the luxury lifestyle food, wine, travel and storytelling empire belonging to renowned film director, Francis Ford Coppola – Cuban Council tackled a website redesign for his new destination winery.

Through a whimsical yet functional site design, we brought the wine itself center stage, invoking a sense of time, feeling and place with each bottle. And to add a little touch of the FFCP brand of charisma and storytelling, we created a fun "interactive newspaper" timeline that allows users to scrub through the past, present and future goings-on around the winery as well as within the Coppola family.

Through a long-running collaborative effort with Francis, James Truman and the incredibly focused and talented staff at FFCP, we couldn't be more thrilled with the resulting website and the personality evident within its markup.

The crazy horizontally scrolling time line home page!
fig. 1The crazy horizontally scrolling time line home page!
“I enjoyed working with Cuban Council, especially their eccentric side.” - Francis Coppola
Visiting Coppola in Napa
fig. 2Visiting Coppola in Napa
FFC-Winery Wine Chooser Page 2
fig. 7FFC-Winery Wine Chooser Page 2
Jon Klassen's original art work = awesome
fig. 8Jon Klassen's original art work = awesome
Essential research
fig. 9Essential research
FFC-Winery Wines Detail Page
fig. 3FFC-Winery Wines Detail Page
Bocce Detail
fig. 4Bocce Detail
Working hard in Napa
fig. 5Working hard in Napa
From the pitch
fig. 6From the pitch
Early sketching for "The Magic Box"
fig. 10Early sketching for "The Magic Box"