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Evernote Website for Evernote, c.2011

Cloud storage for your brain.

Cuban Council Did

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Cuban Council has been working with Evernote for some time, but recently became more involved in 2011; a year that saw massive growth for this Silicon Valley start-up. At the time, they were still merely a note-taking application, helping you to remember just about everything, and succeeding enough in this endeavor to be compared to having a second brain. Today, Evernote has their hands in a slew of complimentary products from Skitch, an online photo editing tool, to Peek, an iPad app that helps you learn. As their business has grown, Cuban Council has helped them grow their marketing website and continuously fine tune their messaging.

Our goal when we first started working with Evernote was to take their marketing website and make it work harder. The homepage and product page needed an overhaul in order to deliver a straightforward and descriptive message about what Evernote is and how it can be used to remember everything from travel itineraries to recipes to, well, all manners of business-y things.

Recently we've helped them create a more logical and strategic system for adding new product pages to their website, as they continue to acquire and build new tools. We've created an easily-digestible collage-like style for product page graphics that speak to the information overload we all experience on a day-to-day basis, and an illustration style that shows how Evernote and it's products can be used to organize that content.

fig. 1
Home page
fig. 2Home page
Evernote Peek
fig. 3Evernote Peek
fig. 4Illustrations