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Floop ID and iPhone UI for Floop, c.2011

Everyone has an opinion, now Floop lets you source it!

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Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

The Floop team set out to bring you a voice in the form of large-scale social opinion platform for the web and smartphones. Floop allows users to create a question and then, in real time, allow the general public to cast their digital thumbs up or down. Alas, a platform that allows users to ask any question and get-real time feedback from their friends, their network or even the people around them.

We started working with Floop by designing the brand's identity on the basis that it be inviting and friendly with undertones of big entertainment and media landscapes, Hollywood baby! We also collaborated with their product team to develop a sizeable yet simple UI model that allows users to create, tag, post and share their Floop-tivity™... and don't even get us started about the concepts and revisions explored for data visualization.

Floop Branding
fig. 1Floop Branding
Splash screen
fig. 2Splash screen
Vote screen
fig. 5Vote screen
fig. 7Detail
fig. 1Detail
Home screen
fig. 4Home screen
User profile screen
fig. 6User profile screen