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Various Google Works for Google, c.2005

A bag full of Goo.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

Since 2005 we have worked on countless projects within at least nine Google properties.

In that time there have been a great deal of concepts and experiments as well as several production implementations. With all that Goo, and considering those top secret aspects that we just can't show (much like the submarine dock scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark), we thought we'd give you a glimpse at some random selections to titillate your ocular senses.

Misc Google work
fig. 1Misc Google work
Watercooler Gadget
fig. 2Watercooler Gadget
Chrome Logo Proposal
fig. 4Chrome Logo Proposal
Chrome Logo Proposal
fig. 5Chrome Logo Proposal
Early work for Orkut redesign
fig. 8Early work for Orkut redesign
Google Maps Pins
fig. 9Google Maps Pins
Olympics Gadget
fig. 3Olympics Gadget
Chrome logo sketches
fig. 6Chrome logo sketches
Google Buzz logo work
fig. 7Google Buzz logo work
Tokyo Pins
fig. 10Tokyo Pins