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Grows Up for Grows Up, c.2010

A marketplace that cares.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

Grows Up came to Cuban Council to help design an online marketplace for boutiques specializing in unique, high-quality baby and kid goods. Given a logo and some wireframes to work with, we whipped together a site where mom-preneurs and small businesses can showcase and sell their products to discerning moms and dads.

We also put our illustration skills to the test by developing an illustration style for all the bits, bops, and clever little extras to play off the logo design - the essence of what makes Grows Up a beautiful & fun brand. 

fig. 1
Grows Up Home
fig. 2Grows Up Home
Assorted Illustrations
fig. 5Assorted Illustrations
'Heart' Overlays
fig. 6'Heart' Overlays
Grows Up Child Filter
fig. 4Grows Up Child Filter
Grows Up Product Detail
fig. 3Grows Up Product Detail