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Hairy Mail for Arnold Worldwide for Truth, c.2006

Back hair removal should never be so much fun.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

One of the chemicals found in cigarettes also happens to be used to burn the hair off your back.

This Flash piece for the truth anti-smoking campaign lets you write messages to your mates by squirting hair removal cream on an extremely hairy back and as the message appears through the treated areas, you can send them a Hairy-Mail message to help spread the word. Once again we enlisted our pal Peter Reid for art direction.

This project was such a smashing success that Arnold hired us to redeploy the messaging platform for two additional projects that could utilize the same type of workflow, Milk Off and Log Blog.

Hairy Mail - Freehanding a message
fig. 5Hairy Mail - Freehanding a message
“Did you know that back belongs to Buzzard?” - Peter Reid, Lead Designer
Hairy Mail - Welcome
fig. 2Hairy Mail - Welcome
Hairy Mail - Smearing
fig. 6Hairy Mail - Smearing
Hairy Mail - Typing a message
fig. 3Hairy Mail - Typing a message
Hairy Mail - Sending a message
fig. 4Hairy Mail - Sending a message