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iGoogle Themes for Google, c.2006

Skin it to win it.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

Google hired Cuban Council to help concept, design and build several dynamic themes for their personalized homepage. With the help of our team of top illustrators & designers - including Vicki Wong and Emme Stone - we managed to deliver a terrifically fun & fetching experience that changes based on the weather or the time of day for your locale.

Cuban Council have continued to work closely with Google's marketing group on large-scale partner theme campaigns for the iGoogle site since 2007.

During that time Cuban Council has conceived and produced 100s of themes along with other branding elements such as the iGoogle logo mark, t- shirts and even environmental assets used for both the strange and the wonderful alike.

Art by Vicki Wong
fig. 1Art by Vicki Wong
Art by Trevor Van Meter
fig. 2Art by Trevor Van Meter
Art by Vicki Wong
fig. 3Art by Vicki Wong
Art by Trevor Van Meter
fig. 4Art by Trevor Van Meter