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Inkling for Inkling, c.2010

Kids never really open textbooks anyway, right?

Cuban Council Did

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Inkling has undertaken an enormous effort to change the book paradigm for college students. By providing many of the common textbooks through their own iPad app store, students can immediately and interactively participate both in and out of the class setting.

Aside from the logistical convenience, Inkling has introduced many social services and features that enhance the collaborative learning experience, all rolled into their futuristic publishing platform.

Cuban Council continues to work with Inkling as their product, service and catalog evolves.

Inkling Home
fig. 1Inkling Home
Inkling Product Features
fig. 2Inkling Product Features
Inkling Feature Video
fig. 3Inkling Feature Video
Inkling Titles
fig. 4Inkling Titles
Inkling Blog
fig. 5Inkling Blog
Inkling Title Microsite
fig. 6Inkling Title Microsite