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Moodstats for Cuban Council, c.2000

Tracking moods.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

Moodstats was originally meant as a sweet little fun project to go on the Matt Owens-curated Colviex CD, but ended up being a full-blown desktop application.

Moodstats lets you track your mood, creativity and stress in a neat little package that also includes a diary and a nifty comparison tool to see how you are doing compared to your friends. The original Colviex version included a custom soundtrack by the electronica giants of the day — Chris Clark, Future 3 and Cranes — and had the best credits section of all mankind.

Moodstats has been sold online since 2000, but development has been dormant for the last couple of years — a huge overhaul of the application is in the works, though.

fig. 1Moodstats
Mood Garden Cover
fig. 2Mood Garden Cover
Moodstats detail
fig. 4Moodstats detail
Beetle Farm
fig. 6Beetle Farm
Moodstats web site
fig. 8Moodstats web site
Moodstats Graphs
fig. 3Moodstats Graphs
Moodstats input
fig. 4Moodstats input
Moodstats detail
fig. 5Moodstats detail
Moodstats Icons
fig. 5Moodstats Icons
Something in the mail
fig. 7Something in the mail