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Old Spice for Wieden+Kennedy, c.2009

Bring it? We've already broughten it.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

For the record, we knew them before the Emmy.

Together with the design savvy team of Wieden+Kennedy, Cuban Council continues to provide the infrastructure supporting the Old Spice ads that we all know and love.

They designed the über-hilarious man-vertising campaign featuring bear fur, wood paneling, gold teeth, and armpit hair deodorant clumps; we built the ultra-futuristic and scientifically riveting platform that brings it to you.

From tailored SEO to customizing their extensive CMS and its multi-stage launch program that mimics man's flight into space, this partnership continues to smell like success for Old Spice. Stay tuned for exciting global developments in this arena.

Old Spice Videos
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fig. 1Old Spice Home
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Old Spice Racing
fig. 7Old Spice Racing
Eagle Lasers
fig. 2Eagle Lasers
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fig. 5Old Spice Product Detail
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