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Rutube Identity for Rutube, c.2011

From two superpowers comes one superlogo.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

When the Russian video portal Rutube contacted us to remake their identity, our first thought was "Thank god the Cold War is over." Otherwise, a partnership of this kind might have caused a national security scare.

With firm roots in the often hilarious, home-made, user-generated content category, Rutube needed a new identity that would express their shift towards offering the highest quality content with a design & technology base far superior to that of any of their competitors.

Cuban Council's solution was to create a simple & stylish custom word mark with a broad international appeal. Layered with fun imagery taken straight from their user-submitted content, or used on a simple flat background, the Rutube logo is an identity that speaks to a company making serious strides in the video market whilst also giving a wink to their slightly lowbrow origins.

We think the message is clear: Rutube is not what it used to be, anymore.

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