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Department of Labor & Art for, c.2011

Have it, want it, need it, got it, swap it.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

Swaptree [dot com] hired Cuban Council to rethink their brand under a simplified new name, Swap. In early explorations it made sense to take the brand back into the physical space... or did it?

Anyway, Swaps led to spots, which led to stickers and the most subtle gorilla branding effort to be imagined to date, or was it?

However it all went down, we had a great time working with the wicked smart (they're in Boston) team of visionaries at Swap and we're excited to see how they impact the future, for all of us.

fig. 3Pattern
fig. 6Swappable
fig. 1Book
Room 1
fig. 4Room 1
fig. 2City
Room 2
fig. 5Room 2