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This Spot for Cuban Council, c.2011

Where are you feeling?

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

With a hankering to scratch the iOS itch, we decided to conceive an app that would allow us to make use of most tools/technologies/services that a client would likely ask of us. Such features include a simple web service, implementing API content from various third-party services, working with maps, working with remote image loading, working with various multi-touch inputs and so on.

Naturally, we threw our own little spin on the content in order to turn a simple weather lookup tool into a more experiential, georelevant, sentiment logging system.

fig. 1
Responsive design
fig. 2Responsive design
Current Environment
fig. 3Current Environment
Weather Forecast & Current Sentiment
fig. 6Weather Forecast & Current Sentiment
App Icon
fig. 4App Icon
fig. 5
Local Activity
fig. 7Local Activity