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Tom Waits for Epitaph Records, c.2009

This one's from the heart, Tom.

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Under the guiding eyes of Anti- owner Brett Gurewitz, we worked closely with both Tom Waits and Anti to find a balance between creativity & functionality that could satisfy both Tom's broad fan-base as well as the man himself for Tom Waits' first ever official website. The creative concept behind the site was led by Paul Kremer of Oilpan, LLC and later AD'ed by Peter Reid.

We wanted to produce a website as moody and magical as Waits' sound. So we delivered an experience using his stunning imagery and lyrics, driven by a highly configurable CMS that allows for easy updates, detailed management of Waits' entire catalog (including photos & videos), and an awesome Twitter-esque selection of Waits-isms (check out the "Wit and Wisdom" section).

If that's not enough to satisfy your thirst, we also added a fully indexed catalog of Tom's song lyrics so you can search for your favorite muttering and embark in a private sing-a-long (which we don't recommend doing in the shower).

He's Big in Japan
fig. 1He's Big in Japan
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“What the hell is Flash?” - Tom Waits
Individual Album
fig. 4Individual Album
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