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Tooth & Nail, BEC & SolidState for Tooth and Nail, c.2008

Three heads are better than one.

Cuban Council Did

Backend Concept Design Frontend IA Identity

For Tooth & Nail we designed and built three interfaces to what is essentially one website that is managed by a single, unified CMS. By taking advantage of third-party APIs like YouTube and Flickr, we managed to bring a rich depth to the content as well as the design, whilst not taxing the label's hosting budget.

To aid in marketing & promotion efforts, we built an interal user layer where members can create customized widgets of artist and label content that they can redistribute on other websites. Participants engage in campaigns for which they can win prizes - depending on how broadly they distribute the content.

This project is a true milestone in our history as it exemplifies how we can apply a diverse range of design styles coupled with an elegant technical solution to deliver a powerful marketing tool within a reasonable budget ... can you say win-win-win-win?

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Tooth & Nail Home
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